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Sneak Peek at Madi and Dave’s Catalina Island wedding!

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

November 15, 2014–Wedding Day for Madi & Dave at the Hotel Metropole in Avalon

Below, the bride’s Rehearsal outfit…


Dave Schilling, our “Groom to Be”

the groom, Dave Schilling

The Casino at Avalon on Catalina IslandThe Casino at Avalon




0013_Q2A4506First Look!



0022_Q2A4747Madi & Dave in the foyer of the Hotel Metropole



0036_N4Y6585Madi walked down the aisle by her father, Wynn Miller





0055_Q2A5178Tony Meister shares the celebration with son Sheperd


0067_MG_5407Matron of Honor Leiana Meister–tenderness and love to sister Madi

0077_MG_5491father-daughter dance


Thanks for taking a quick look–all of the wedding is available to view on Pictage!

Boise fall engagement: Heather Little and Lamar Berry

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Portrait of engagement couple with view of downtown

We always look forward to engagement sessions because, like weddings, every one is unique.  Having the chance to spend time photographing, exploring, and sharing with Heather and Lamar created a bond that will sail us all effortlessly through their wedding next August 3.

man kisses woman's forehead

This couple feels a special affinity for the Boise Depot, so that’s where we began our session with a kiss on the forehead, some balancing on the tracks, and some rolling around in the grass

couple walk away from camera on railroad tracks

 The Depot has an incredible range of locations and textures; choosing the right ones to showcase Heather and Lamar’s feelings for one another was a delicious challenge.

Couple hold hands leaning against wall at railroad statiopn

Stone? Brick? Grass? Foliage? Sky?   So many choices….

portrait of couple lying down in profile

It is inspiring to photograph a couple so committed and in love; thank you for sharing it with the camera and us!

Woman leans in to kiss reclining man on grass

kneeling man kisses woman sitting on bench

portrait of couple with railroad station tower in background

man lies on stone bench with head in lap of woman

Heather and Lamar did a great job of coordinating their wardrobe prior to the shoot.  When we moved downtown for Part Two we had new outfits to reflect their personalities and connection in the more urban locations.

reflection of couple facing one another in window glass

Couple dip kiss with Capitol building in background

man carries fiance piggyback with "Idaho St" sign above

Who doesn’t love a piggyback ride on Idaho St?

woman carries man piggyback with Idaho street sign above

Couple walks to camera on urban street holding hands

The spirit of love in the freshness of Downtown Boise–Heather and Lamar, you are beautiful!

Woman caresses man cheek with painted brick background

couple portrait looking to camera with brick background

couple uses hands to frame the word "love" written on wall

I enjoy integrating graphics and symbols into photographs–I believe the combination can add complexity and depth into the visual story.  Thank you to the talented artists who make Freak Alley in downtown Boise a visually compelling urban experience.

couple hold hands framing "happiness" statement on wall

couple point to word "love" on wall

Couple kiss behind large letter "B"

Heather and Lamar wanted to be photographed at the signature “B” outside Berryhill Restaurant on 9th Street as Lamar’s last name is Berry.  Thanks, John Berryhill.

engagement couple pose with large letter "B"

couple portrait riding down escalator

As love goes, so goes the world.  Thank you, Heather and Lamar, for entrusting your precious image-making to Steve Smith Weddings!  Your love, care, and compassion for one another is, and will continue to be, a beautiful gift to everyone you touch.

Boise Engagement of Lisa Poole and Ryan Reeser

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

The drumming rain that woke me at 5:00 a.m. also awakened some concern about finding more inside locations for our 10:00 a.m. engagement session.  But the spring weather in Boise is fickle and sunlight broke through by 9:00 a.m.  Whew!  Despite the sun’s shining we started our session in the studio–a wonderfully intimate environment in which to warm up for the rest of the session.

Black & White studio shot of man and woman holding each other with oustretched arms in Boise, Idaho

studio shot of man and woman framing camera in outstretched hands

Man and woman jump in white studio

color treated image of man and embracing on white floor shot from above

couple creates heart shop with bodies on white studio floor

The remainder of our session to us to downtown Boise, the Boise Depot, and the Boise River.  Here are a few favorites…

Man shows dance moves to woman with red wall backdrop

tight black and white image of couple wearing sunglasses

Romance on the rails…

woman kisses man standing on railroad rail in Boise, Idaho

Couples portrait next to railcar painted with Idaho Potatoes logo

Man and woman pose in doorway of Idaho Potatoes railcar at Boise Depot

An iconic portrait background, the Boise Union Pacific Railroad Depot, built in 1925

Couple portrait with Boise Depot tower in background

couple holds iPhone with portrait of selves to camera

couple hold hands skipping away from camera on Boise Greenbelt

Sweatshirt cozy along the Boise river….

Couple pose in sweatshirts for portrait in Boise, ID

Couple runs to camera holding hands along Boise River

black and white photo of man kissing woman at Boise River's edge

Thanks for a great engagement session, Ryan and Lisa.  We can’t wait to photograph the wedding!

Much appreciation to Lisa and Ryan for choosing Steve Smith Weddings as their photography partner.

Click here to see the entire engagement session:


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